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As you may be aware, due to you being located within "Virginia", we are blocking your access to this site. This method aims to protect youngsters while also maintaining legal compliance.

However, we feel that the present techniques of age verification are not only inefficient, but also unsuccessful in attaining their stated goal. Requiring users to produce identity every time they want to access age-restricted content raises serious privacy and security concerns.

Furthermore, these methods frequently fail to address the underlying problem adequately. Many sites may struggle to conduct age verification at scale, resulting in inconsistent enforcement throughout the internet. This can lead to loopholes that undercut the law's objectives and potentially expose people to dangerous situations.

While we prioritize safety and regulatory compliance, we acknowledge the limits of the current age verification framework. It is critical to investigate alternate options that strike a balance between safeguarding kids and maintaining user privacy.

We urge lawmakers and industry stakeholders to consider these innovative solutions that prioritize user safety without compromising privacy. Until a more effective framework is established, we have taken the decision to restrict access to our platform in certain regions to ensure compliance with existing laws while advocating for meaningful reforms.

We encourage you to learn more about device-based age verification solutions and engage with policymakers to support initiatives that promote online safety while respecting user privacy.