Would You go to an Anime Club Night?
By Yung Namahage • 4 months ago

I've been around long enough to figure out clubbing isn't really my thing. I love live music and musicians playing stuff a little out of the ordinary, but I don't drink much and I'm not into the kind of music most clubs play, so if someone invites me to join them on a night out I'll probably turn them down. Even rock and metal clubs, which i've been to plenty of times, bore me pretty easily. There have been times I've gone to clubs/raves to experience an artist I'm into or a scene I've not witnessed before, like goth/industrial/EBM type shit, and I've had some good times. Lately I've been seeing a lot of ads online for anime-themed club nights, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't consider checking one out.

´╗┐Imagine you're at a bar, grabbing drinks for yourself, some friends and that pretty thing you've had your eyes on all night. She grabs your hand and leads you onto the dancefloor, where the DJ is blasting dance remixes of anime OPs and a projector behind them has cool-ass anime fight scenes on display as the crowd goes wild. Kinda like this:

Cons have held anime-themed raves for years, and some of these anime club nights I've seen advertised look a bit like late night mini cons, complete with photo booths, trivia competitions and cosplayers out in droves. At most clubs/raves you'd probably bore someone to death if you stop to talk anime with them, but here I presume it's a lot easier to make new weeb friends, or someone to hook up with if you're into that. Of course, the downside is you're surrounded by weebs, and as we know from cons a lot of weebs in a small space can lead to odor overload. But I reckon those types wouldn't be the kind to go clubbing, and the type who do go to nightclubs probably take better care of themselves. Hopefully.

Have any of you guys been to an anime-themed club night before? Would you if you saw nearby? Sound off in the comments!