Tekken 8 Has a Brand New Mishima, And She's Hot as Fuck
By Yung Namahage • 3 weeks ago

The Mishimas have to be one of the most dysfunctional families in all of gaming, and the Tekken franchise has been about their beef since its inception. Whether it's Kazuya taking revenge on his abusive billionaire dad Heihachi, or Kazuya's son Jin squaring off against his dad and/or grandad, there's always some bullshit going on with them. Then there's the extended family, like Heihachi's half-Swedish bastard son Lars, who retains the family's trend of wild hair and once appeared in a Naruto game, and Kazuya's mom Kazumi who is somehow besties with Akuma from Street Fighter and begat the whole Devil Gene. The final new character revealed for Tekken 8 seemingly confirms gigachad Heihachi never kept it in his pants for long, even after he was killed off in Tekken 7.

Reina is rumored to be another fruit of Heihachi's many conquests, voiced by Seto Asami (Raphtalia in The Rising of the Shield Hero), and she appears to be younger than his grandson Jin by the way she calls him senpai. Her fighting style is more acrobatic than most Mishimas, but she still has some of her father's iconic moves like Spinning Demon and Electric Wind God Fist, and a similar lightning effect that fits with her flashy purple aesthetic. She may have a youthful energy around her but she still has that hot Mishima blood, which makes her very sexy indeed. Good thing the lewds have already started to come out.

Info about her may have leaked some time ago, but since her official reveal trailer dropped she's already proved herself to be the most popular out of the 3 brand new additions to the Tekken roster. Her dominant tomboy vibe almost makes her seem like a villainous counterpart to her nephew Jin's cousin Asuka, and that's a matchup I can't wait to see when Tekken 8 drops on January 26.

What do you guys think of Reina? Is she a worthwhile addition to the Tekken roster? What do you think her she'll be bringing to the story? Let us know below!