Stick Your Dick in AI With an Algorithm-Designed Onahole
By Yung Namahage • 4 months ago

"Pussy is good, sure, but can how we make it better?" is a core design philosophy among sex toy companies ever since onaholes, or artificial vaginas, have existed. Pretty much every one you'll find has a unique array of grooves, ridges and bumps for maximum pleasure. There have been many innovations in the field of fake pussies over the years, but Tamatoys may have broken new ground with their latest design, created by feeding all of their previous onahole designs into an algorithm for a brand new design. Vagina created man, man created AI and AI created a new, better vagina.

The AIV (Artificial Intelligence Vagina) comes in a box adorned with a cute girl that must be from Uncanny Valley Prefecture, and presumably the onahole is based on her pussy.

From the outside it looks like any ol' onahole, but it's the inside where the algorithm worked its magic.

Here you can see the crazy amount of tiny little folds throughout the interior, arranged in a way where the middle section feels especially tight compared to the base, with extra stimulation points at the tip. 

There's a lot more going on inside than your average onahole, thanks to the AI design. According to the official stat sheet it's a perfect all-rounder as well; not too hard, not too soft, and not too stimulatory.

Fortunately, you don't have to be in Japan to get your hands on a AIV. J-List have 'em in stock for US$35, if you ever get curious about what an AI thinks the perfect pocket pussy should be like. Who knows, I've half a mind to try one for myself.

Would you guys try an AI-designed onahole like the AIV? Would you like to see a firsthand review? Let us know below!