Senran Kagura Joins Forces with Azur Lane
By Yung Namahage • 2 weeks ago

At this point, we don't know whether we'll actually see a brand new installment in the Senran Kagura franchise. Senran Kagura 7even was announced back in 2017, but has been left in development hell since then, mainly due to concerns over possible censorship. At least the series' cast of busty ninja girls have made crossover appearances in other games, including Kandagawa Jet GirlsNeptunia, and now Azur Lane.

Azur Lane developer Yostar announced in a livestream that Murasaki, Homura, Ikaruga, Asuka, Yumi, Fubuki and Yuyaki will be joining the gacha's already bountiful range of ship waifus, each with unique redesigns to make them look slightly more fitting within the game's aesthetic.

And here's a short trailer showing the kunoichi waifus in action:

The Azur Lane Senran Kagura crossover launches on November 23. If it does well, hopefully Marvelous can see there's still interest in the series and finally get around to making 7even

Are you guys looking forward to this collab? Do you think Senran Kagura 7even will ever be released at this rate? Leave your thoughts below!