Sellen is the Sexiest Magic Teacher
By Yung Namahage • 1 week ago

You thought I was done simping over Elden Ring's waifus? More fool you; I'm only just getting started. My first playthrough was as an int/dex-inclined astrologer, and I probably would've had a harder time if it weren't for the spells and gear I earned from following Sellen's quest. 

Sorceress Sellen was a former student of Raya Lucaria Academy who was expelled for her secret research into forbidden primeval sorceries. She can teach you magic if you bring her certain spellbooks, including said OP primeval sorceries if you're willing to delve far enough. Maybe it's because she's barefoot or maybe it's because of that velvety Welsh accent, but for a character who never shows her face in-game without mods she's earned a lot of R34. Not that I'm complaining, obviously.

What do you guys think of Sellen? Would you tell her to keep the mask on? Sound off below!