One of Elden Ring's Most Berserk Bosses Has a Lewd Mod
By Yung Namahage • 1 month ago

The Fire Giant is one of the most grotesque bosses in all of Elden Ring. You'd think that means it'd be the last to get a lewd mod, but R34 continues to work in mysterious ways.

The big red boi is a late game boss and the last living member of his kind after a war with Queen Marika. Marika cursed him to tend the flame at the peak of the Mountaintops of the Giants and keep it far away from her Erdtree, until the Tarnished comes along to put it out of its misery. At first, he looks about how you'd imagine from the name: a giant, red-bearded guy who uses pyromancy against you.

Then you get him to the second phase and the real boss fight begins. His leg snaps, but somehow he gets faster and more resistant to damage. Also, that weird, distended growth on its torso? That's a nose, and a third eye opens up above it in the middle of the giant's chest when you piss it off enough. Some of you may be reminded of Wyald's apostle transformation inĀ Berserk.

With the power of modding, you can see the Fire Giant's massive dong swinging about as you fight it. Unfortunately, it doesn't get any new moves using it as a weapon and is cosmetic only, but it's still fun to see.

Shadow of the Colossus would be a lot more interesting if someone made a similar mod for that game's bosses. You can find this mod and many others over at Nexus Mods. Will you be installing it or is giant dick not your bag? Let us know below!