Nekopara's Doggirl Spin-Off is No Joke
By Yung Namahage • 2 months ago

April 1 must be a great day for businesses. A lot of 'em like to make an announcement that day, usually revealing a product wildly different to what they're usually known for, then they can gauge people's reactions and base their next step on that. If the audience love it then they'll double down and say it's for real. If not, they can always fall back on April Fool's and pretend nothing happened. 

So far, Nekoworks are two-for-two when it comes to April Fool's jokes turning into real things. First they flipped the script by announcing and then releasing a catboy-themed spin-off of the series famous for its catgirls. and now they've dropped the neko part entirely with Inupara. The six doggirl waifus they initially revealed have gone over well with fans, who can't wait to see them in action when the VN is finally released. When that'll be isn't known yet, but at least we won't have to worry about it all being just a joke. 

Were you expecting Inupara: Dogs Paradise to be announced for real? Which do you prefer, catgirls or doggirls? Sound off in the comments!