Diablo IV's Lilith is Literally Hot as Hell
By Yung Namahage • 3 months ago

For all of their problems these days, Activision-Blizzard has done a good job of marketing Diablo IV. Being the latest instalment in an influential series is one thing, but the sexy evil demon lady on the cover definitely did a lot of the heavy lifting in its promotional material.

Lilith, queen of succubi and daughter of Mephisto, is the game's main villain. After being awoken by cultists, the player sets out to stop her hatred from consuming the world. But why give into hatred when you can just make love? That's what a lot people would rather do to Lilith, judging by the R34 that's been hitting the net lately.

For such an infernal MILF, it's a shame Lilith isn't quite as popular as, say Lady Dimitrescu when it comes to R34. Maybe the horns put some off, but those people are fucking cowards. At least the shit we got is bangin'. 

How have you guys been finding Diablo IV? Would you smash or pass Lilith? Sound off below!