Capcom Aren't Too Happy About Mods
By Yung Namahage • 4 weeks ago

These days I'm not as familar as I once was with so-called rules of the internet (apart from rule 34, of course), but I feel one of the rules is "if you can think of it, there's a mod for it." This is especially true of Capcom's long-running franchises like Resident EvilStreet FighterDevil May Cry and many others, where it's common to find lewd mods, meme mods, or some combination thereof. It turns out not only are Capcom aware of these mods, but they don't exactly approve. 

In a video about anti-cheat and anti-piracy measures uploaded by Capcom's R&D YouTube channel, the topic eventually turns to mods. Programmer Taro Yahagi says: "Mods are popular with users because they allow them to add or change various features to an existing game. However, for the purposes of anti-cheat and anti-piracy, all mods are defined as cheats."

As if comparing mods to cheating isn't egregious enough, he goes on to talk about how they can be bad for the company's PR. "There are a number of mods that are offensive to public order and morals. When these are disseminated, the image of the product is tarnished and branding is affected. Also, these offensive mods may be mistaken for legitimate implementations and can cause reputational damage." Additionally, players contacting Capcom customer support over mods breaking their games can take away the company's time and resources trying to solve problems that didn't exist in the base game.

With the unveiling of the new and improve REX Engine, it's possible that we'll see them curtailing support for mods in future games. That means Resident Evil 9 might not have futa mods or dumptruck character model swaps, but in my experience, gamers will always find a way.

What do you guys think? Do Capcom have a point about mods, or are they talking out their ass? Sound off below!